Checklists and Downloads

These guides will help you to send your items to us and enable us to complete your job and return it to you in an efficient way. Please click on the item you wish to open.

Check list for sending WHEELS to us (41kb)
Wheel & Frame NZ Ltd Services pamphlet
for printing (196kb)

Make Your Life Easier...

When we receive Wheel Rims for repair we need adequate information to be able to complete your job in a timely and efficient manner.

Inadequate information on orders for Wheel Repairs is a problem, for both you and us - and often results in work being held up with associated costs to us both of phone calls and down time contacting each other to see what is needed.

It is important that you to know that all outside or face repairs must comply to a reasonable visual standard for W.O.F. which may mean refinishing.

We would very much appreciate your use of the attached form with each job you send in.

Many thanks